Monday, May 18, 2015

Elegy To The Eastside

Thanks for the burritos
The consumption of which 
Was likely the closest I've ever felt to 
Being truly loved.
May God(?) shine his light
On you. Your children. Your wild packs of skittish, gimpy Chihuahuas.
May you awake every Tuesday proud,
Of the motherfucking Street Sweeper
Move your goddamn car!!
Even addresses only, though,
that's the confusing part.
To one less white cat killing your vibe!
No one (really) gets out alive.
¡Adiós! dearest Eastside

Pardon the absence. Ya boy up & moved on out the old spot. Another millennial asshole with a mortgage, on my Yung Republican grind and whatnot. Never fear tho I'm still R'side 'til I die, laid up pretty posh-like in Mag Center where gats get gripped. Never catch me out in Corona wearing a tucked-in polo walking a golden retreiver or some shit. Never that. 

On the real tho let me give a BIG TIME shout out to ALL the homies that helped me get where I got. I ain't worthy.

Let's get back to that semi-regularly scheduled programming.